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Construction Outplacement Services

The Personal Coach outplacement service offers employers a personalized solution where we do the work for the displaced employee, and manage them on a one-to-one basis.


Our professional staff works closely with the client to develop a customized marketing package that generates results. This package includes a professionally written résumé, broadcast letter, custom cover letter, and references.

Complete Résumé Development
Through interfacing with the client, materials are prepared in the most effective manner possible, in order to create interest without overselling. This is achieved through focusing on the client’s career history, qualifications, achievements, and professional responsibilities, which together produce a marketing package designed to generate results.

Broadcast Letter Preparation
Used as the primary document to target the specific needs of the hiring companies, the broadcast letter is designed to market the client’s qualifications, accomplishments, and objectives. It is usually sent in place of a résumé, and it contains enough information to create the interest needed to secure an interview.

Custom Cover Letter
The custom cover letter is also an element of the creative marketing campaign, a vital part of any traditional job search. Primarily used in answering advertisements posted either in the newspaper or on the internet, it seeks to get the prospective employer interested in reading the client’s résumé.

Similarly, personal and business references are also created in the same style and formatting as the rest of the customized marketing materials to form a professional and unified presentation.


To expose the unadvertised job market, each client is provided with the extensive resources of our database of more than two million companies. Through utilizing this database, we provide a custom research list, which is both individually screened and verified, to each client as an essential tool in their personal job campaign.

Custom Preview List
Each client receives a minimum preview list of potential employers extracted from a database of more than two million companies. Potential matches are screened for industry preference, geography, company size, and other client-selected criteria.

Expanded Custom Research of Potential Employers
Once potential matches are screened for industry preference, geography, and company size, the client selects companies from the custom preview list for their targeted job campaign.

Verification of Expanded Custom Research
Prior to the Broadcast Letter mailing, each company will be individually contacted to verify the executive contact, address and phone number for each of the selected companies.


It is crucial to understand that, in today’s highly competitive market, it is no longer sufficient to simply be talented or experienced. Individuals must know how to market themselves. Therefore, the right personality, attitude, and appearance are necessary, along with quality letters and a professional résumé. For this reason, as part of our program provides the necessary tools to conduct a successful marketing campaign, such as:

Exclusive Career Manual
Our Exclusive Copyrighted Manual is a comprehensive guide that outlines key components the displaced employee will need to market themselves as they pursue a successful job search and career transition. The manual provides instruction in attitudinal development, interviewing, salary negotiation, and communication techniques as well as follow-up procedures.

Resumé Distribution By Invitation
In addition, the client’s résumé is sent to an average of 1,000 potential employers by “invitation” through means of an exclusive digital distribution list, allowing the client to better market themselves electronically.


Professional Packaging and Delivery
Once a client’s customized marketing package is prepared, all of the printing, postage, and handling needed to complete their custom job campaign is fulfilled by us. Our time tested approach ensures and guarantees that a powerful and results-oriented document, which is professionally and timely packaged, is put directly into the hands of the decision-maker of all selected companies.

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