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  Electrical Design Construction Engineer Nuclear
Industry Type: Engineers
City & State: Virginia Beach,VA
Job Title: Electrical Design Construction Engineer Nuclear
Relocation Preferences: Any where
Objective: Addendum to Resume (M.M.Meymandi)
I have over 25 years of experience in Electrical Design/Construction Supervisor on
5 different nuclear power plants, two, DOE nuclear and commercial building sites.
I have ability in electrical design and construction implementations, Demolition, Decontamination & Redesign (D&D, D&R), cables and conduit/raceway design. Use of guidelines IBC, BOCA.NEC, IEEE, NEMA, NFPA OSHA, 10FCR50-40, 59 (NRCs regulations), use of MICROSTATION, EXCEL, LOTUS note and other software for ARC FLASH calculation & ETAP, power distribution (13.2 KV, 480/277 V, 208/120 V & 240/120Vac), EPU design (Generator and UPS), Single lines, Schematics, Block of electrical equipments, Safety & non-Safety related, cables & raceways for Divisional I & II Fire Protection. Have provided electrical design packages (DCR, DCP, FCR, FR, ...) which included Safety and non-Safety related systems (Division I & II) , master scheduling, Electrical planner, production monitoring and quality assurance. Start up test engineer (HI-POT testing, Signal Tracing and Functional test writing)
Fire Protection (Appendix R) for different Zones, Seismic support installation.
Coordinated and resolved inconsistencies in up grading power (EPU) supplies design packages (punch lists).
Turbine Rotor Generator replacement and maintenance implementation, I reviewed design packages, resolved Non- Conformance Reports (NCR), Deficiencies Report (DR) recommended resolution, coordinated with vendors for equipment storage and I supervised mock-up test and shielding.
At DOE & DODs (Savannah River and West Valley Sites) and Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Plant, design power distribution for new standby emergency system and existing supplies. Installed various size of Transformers, Load Center, Disconnect Switches, control Panels, security system(CCTV) for monitoring locally or remotely, cables and conduits, the circuits routing required aerial, underground, use of existing and new design for Poles, Riser, Duct Banks and associated Surge Arresters. Substation Design / Implementation
Responsible for Design and Supervise for installation of Distribution side (LV and MV)
Design Modification calculation for Dead End Structure Specification, Disconnect Switches (Fusible) Circuit Breakers, Transformers (dry & oil types up 100KVA ) Metering (PT/CTs), continuity of all equipotential earth-and safety bonding conductors and Arresters. Design for physical location, Cables & Conduits / Raceway, Single Lines, Connection, Block Diagrams Drawings, (Per guide lines of NEC, NEMA and 10CFR-50-59).
Paul Ghadiri EE, PE (HDM Associates,) Cell 757-639-2821, W 757-410-0692 (paulghadiri[at]
Gary Shartzer Sr.EE, at SRS, W 803-208-8614, (gary.shartzer[at]
Bruce Johnson ME, PE (DOD-SRS) Cell 404-317-4173 (burce1455[at]
706 Willow Green Ct
Chesapeake, Virginia 23320
(757) 848-8365 Cell
Electrical Design / Construction Engineer Supervisor

Industry Focus:Engineering NuclearJob Title:Electrical Design / Construction Engineer
Experience:21+ YearsLooking For:Any Position Type
Visa Status:U.S. Citizen
Education Level:4-Year College Degree

Ladies and Gentlemen

I am extremely interested in exploring career opportunities as an Electrical Design / Field Engineering
Supervisor with your organization .Enclosed is my resume for your review and consideration.

You will note that I have in-depth formal training and over 25 years experience in various commercial,
industrial construction, and engineering environments with demonstrated success. Throughout my background I have become known for my ability to handle diverse and multiple levels of responsibility ranging from full-charge orchestration of high-profile, multi-million dollar projects, to the engineering of complex drawings and plans for the nuclear power plant applications.

My professional profile includes the highest degrees of dedication and self-motivation, with a proven
ability to quickly plan objectives and milestones and develop/implement effective strategies to optimize outcomes. Some additional areas of expertise include: contract administration, subcontractor solicitation and oversight, master scheduling, production monitoring and quality assurance, materials expediting and management, regulatory compliance monitoring, 10FCR50-40, 59 (NRCs guide lines) , Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) NEC, NFPA, IEEE, NEMA, EPA .Computer information systems, documentation logistics, and executive level liaison and summary reporting functions. I possess special expertise in design change package (DCP, ECN) for electrical engineering and mechanical installation (Seismic). Strong ability to select nuclear components, (i.e. Transformers, Valves, Pumps, Actuators, Motors, Controller, MCCs).

Having served with top national companies for over 15 years, I also have highly-developed communications and formal presentation skills, with a proven track record of orchestrating projects that surpass the expectations of my employers.

Based on my formal training, broad-based relevant skills and proven achievements, I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss with you, in person, how my qualifications would match your needs. I am certain
I could pinpoint additional areas of expertise which would enhance my contributions as an integral member
of your management team.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Manouch M. Meymandi

706 Willow Green Ct
Chesapeake, Virginia 23320
(757) 848-8365 Cell


Electrical design / Field Engineering supervisor with a progressive organization which will fully utilize acquired training, expertise and experience .Desire incentive opportunities rewarding performance with personal growth and advancement.


Offering a formidable background based on formal training and over 25 years experience in construction management and electrical systems engineering demonstrating superior leadership initiative,
Technical expertise, developmental creativity and consistent performance success .Class A general contractor.

Seasoned professional with in-depth experience in the development, planning and orchestration
of complex commercial, residential and industrial construction projects including over 15 years
experience in electrical plant installs in the nuclear power generation industry.

Effectively coordinate and quality assure all facets of highly regulated, big-ticket new construction and
system renewal projects. Expert in pre-construction services, contract administration, blueprint and drawing development, estimating and job costing, projections and strategic planning, budgeting and cost/expense control, (CPM) master scheduling, compliance monitoring (NEC, NEMA, OSHA, IEEE, EPA), materials control and project closure. Strong ability in design modification, (division I & II) select nuclear components, (i.e. Transformers, Valves, Pumps, Actuators, Motors, Controller, MCCs) base on guide lines of 10CFR50-40, 59.

Chair meetings, promulgate work packages, prepare - submit bid proposals, screen-select-monitor
Subcontractors, obtain all requisite licenses and permits, interface with architects, engineers and
contractors, and serve as focal point of contact from initial planning through turn-key delivery.

Expert engineer in industrial, commercial and residential electrical plants, cabling and controls. Offer combined experience at the design table and in the field, bringing practical application to the developmental team.15 years current experience as founder and general manager of a successful GC company.

PC literate in MS Project, Prolog 6, Suretrack, and Microsoft Office software operation. Prepare and present proposals, spreadsheets, multi-media briefings, statistical/financial reports, legal documents, and all types of relevant correspondence. Possess superior administrative skills involving research, report writing, submittals, justifications, purchase documents, and contracts.


Bachelor of Science Degree in General Education (1988)

Associate of Applied Science in Electrical Technology (1979)

Virginia Class "A" Contractor's License #A2705087833A
Attended various industry-specific seminars and professional skill development programs covering topics in: Regulatory Changes, Computer Information Systems, Total Quality and Value Added Concepts, Current Bidding & Estimating Techniques, Value Engineering, Customer Service, Occupational Safety & Health, etc.



Assignment location
Department of Energy (DOE) Savannah River Nuclear Site
Aiken, South Carolina, Group: Solid Waste Management Facility
Electrical Engineer (4/09-5/10)

. Provide in detail power supply and distribution design packages for various facilities, equipments
(i.e. Transformers, Load centers, Lighting and Control Panels, Disconnect Switches, CCTV
security monitoring, etc.). Construction feasibility, write procedures for installation and testing. Supervise Crafts for Deactivation and Power Down in F Canyon area. Generate bill of materials, met with vendors to select and test various nuclear components. Used Microstation, Excel, Lotus, and other software to generate design packages (DCR, DCF, DCN.).
ARC FLASH CALCULATIONS, base on IEEE, NEC, guidelines and site procedures.

General Manager / Project Manager (1/94-2/2009)
Established and operate a successful general contracting company handling both residential and commercial construction projects from raw land to turn key delivery.
Research and procure properties, develop plans, schedules and budgets, secure permits, solicit-manage subcontractors, purchase materials and supplies, oversee and quality assure construction, conduct-facilitate inspections, and provide cradle to grave management of all aspects of projects.
Supervise constriction crews for installation of electrical and mechanical equipment, used EPA guide lines. Simultaneously handle all administrative responsibilities to run the business including QuickBooks, accounting and bookkeeping, payroll, A/P, A/R, cost control, insurance, licenses, equipment-vehicle-tool maintenance and inventory control, new contract bidding and estimating, business marketing and lead solicitation, public relations, and civic activism.
Orchestrated the completion of over 100 projects in the past 15 years including recent completion of two shopping centers on the Virginia Peninsula.

BECHTEL CORPORATION - (DOE) Savannah River Nuclear Site Aiken, South Carolina
Design Engineer (1998-2000) LOA from NAFT
Recruited by Entor to fulfill a short-term design engineering contract at the Savannah River Power Nuclear Plant site.
Collected field data and designed components for a new diesel generator including raceway, control wiring, cabling, new and revised drawings, supervised crafts for installation.
Selected electrical and interconnected mechanical equipment for BOM, developed blueprints, calculated voltage drop, cable fill per NEC, IEEE, 10CFR50-59 guidelines for Design Packages.
Coordinated with civil engineering discipline and construction team in the execution of Seismic installation. Organize and reported all field changes.
. Coordinated and resolved inconsistencies in up grading power supplies (EPU) design packages (punch lists).

RANDOLPH MACON ACADEMY - Front Royal, Virginia
Teacher (1994-1996) LOA from NAFT
Developed creative lesson plans and a unique class trip program to teach Math and Physics courses to groups of high schoolers.
Achieved highest grades and student participation levels in program history. Heralded by parents, peers and staff for reigniting academic excellence in the Math & Science Department.


EXPERIENCE continued
EBASCO SERVICES, INC. (Now Raytheon) - New York, New York
Responsible Engineer (1992-1994)
West Valley Environmental Restoration Project, a US Department of Energy nuclear site in Buffalo, NY. Directed Construction Crews for Demolition and Decontamination (D&D) and redesign of electrical and mechanical equipment in NOX building during plant operation.
Isolated electrical systems earmarked for demolition and upgrading. Redesigned raceways, developed wiring diagrams and connections drawings, engineered motor control center, lighting panels, heat trace elements,
issued bills of materials. Close coordination for size and installation of HVAC system, Transformers, Generators and other Q equipments and Seismic Supports
Coordinated with vendors, construction teams and plant operations personnel through all
phases of the 18-month project including systems turn-over to full operation.

Implementation Engineer / Electrical Engineer - Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant (TVA) (1986-1992)
Employed in both contract and staff capacities to Supervise Construction Crews, coordinate field engineers and distribute work assignments for thousands of work packages.
Oversaw and Quality Assured (QA & QC) the installation of cable trays, panels, J and T boxes, cable pulls, cable terminations and post-installation testing including Hi-pot testing of cables while maintaining divisional separation. Liaised with Environmental Betterment group during walk-down of electrical systems, Cabling and raceways to ensure divisional separation and fire protection (per 10FCR50-40, 59, NRCs guide lines)
Supervised and coordinated field engineers in the inspection of safety and non-safety related electrical and mechanical equipment. Verified electrical devices against drawings for design configuration and traceability.Conducted functional tests.
Computer tracked drawings and distributed work assignments for thousands of work packages.

Discipline Quality Engineer (DQE) - Hatch Nuclear Power Plant (1985-1986)
Working out of Bechtel's home office, conducted detailed reviews of design and calculation packages to ensure consistency with established procedures and highly regulated guidelines for the nuclear power generation discipline. Incorporated requisite changes prior to submission for site implementation.

Termination Engineer - South Texas Nuclear Project, Houston (1984-1985)
Designed cable terminations for systems using vendor and Bechtel design documents. Coordinated with all project contributors to resolve design inconsistencies and problems.
Employed EE580 computer control and tracking system.

Field Engineer - Hatch Nuclear Power Plant, Baxley, GA (1982-1984)
Contracted in support of plant shutdown for maintenance (OUTAGE). Supervised construction crew for the installation and termination of electrical equipment. Developed designs and plans for the routing and installation of conduit and conduit support.

Resident / Field Engineer - Grand Gulf Nuclear Power Plant, Vicksburg, MS (1980-1982)
Designed modifications and assisted in the installation of electrical equipment in the plant's main control room.

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