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Construction Background Check Services

Construction Executive has formed an alliance with Washington Research Associates to provide employers with electronic background checks on executives in the architecture, engineering and construction industry. Employers these days cannot afford to ignore the risks exposed by failing to verify employment and check backgrounds of the executives they hire.

E-Background Checks can deliver fast and efficient employment screening and background checks at an affordable price. E-Background Check reports are unconditionally guaranteed so that if an employer is not satisfied, they will receive a full refund of their fee. No other investigative firm on the Web offers this ironclad guarantee of satisfaction. E-Background Checks are strictly confidential. The subject will not be notified that he/she is being investigated. E-Background Check also offers free consultation by e-mail after the employer receives the E-Background Check report. The employer can then communicate via e-mail with the investigator who prepared the report.


Contact us for more information

Construction Executive will offer three services:

E-Background Check Express?[more info]
This service offers employers the fastest possible reliable background information on any U.S. citizen. Employers will receive their results in an investigative background report posted to a secure Web page in two business days or less.

Important: E-Background Check Express uses experienced on-site document researchers who visit courthouses and government offices nationwide. Unlike most of online background checking services, we do not base our results on online database searches, which often yield out-of-date, incomplete (and therefore misleading) information.

Here is the background information an employer will receive:

    - Identity verification (Is your subject who he/she claims to be?)
    - Social security number check (Has subject used other social security numbers in the past? This could be an indication of possible fraudulent activity)
    - Present and past addresses
    - Names of persons living with subject
    - Age of subject
    - Property owned nationwide
    - Names/addresses/phone numbers of owner of subject's residence and neighbors (Useful information if you wish to learn more about subject's lifestyle.)
    - Bankruptcies, tax liens, judgments (Indications of financial difficulties)
    - Sexual Offender Search (Does your subject's name appear on a state's list of sexual offenders?)
    - Internet Newsgroup Search (Has your subject posted to Internet Newsgroups? Or are there postings about him/her? A good lifestyle indicator.)
    - News/Periodicals Search (Has your subject's name appeared in the press?)

E-Background Check Plus?[more info]
This service provides extensive background information on any U.S. citizen. It includes all the information supplied by E-Background Check Express, plus much additional detail. A completed background investigation report for the employer will be posted to a secure Web page in three business days or less. In-depth information included in this background check includes:

    - Criminal records check
    - Civil litigation check
    - Marriage license search
    - Child support
    - Employment/education verification
    - Occupational title verification
    - DUI check, and more.

Customized Background Report?[more info]
If you require even more in-depth information (e.g., a wider criminal records or civil litigation check, an asset search, credit information, a pre-employment check, etc.), then you should consider our Customized Investigation. This investigation is tailored to your specific case. Using our information form, you describe your specific needs in your own words. We then assist you in customizing the investigation to fit your particular case requirements.

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