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Construction Assessment Services

Construction Executive Online offers employers sophisticated assessment solutions to help them profile and evaluate their current emerging construction leaders and construction executive staff. We can also assist construction employers evaluate any outside executive job seekers who are being considered for hire internally.

Assessment services are designed specifically for the construction industry, and delivered by trained professionals with extensive construction assessment experience. Our assessment group believes that core competency benchmarks are the critical aptitudes and personality traits required for success in any executive construction job.


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One-to-One Executive Assessment

Construction Executives are given one-to-one leadership assessment by phone or in person with a private professional counselor, or licensed physiologist depending upon the requirement. Assessment consists of a complete series of assessment tests and interviews by trained and certified assessment professionals.

Assessment combines the data from two different instruments. One instrument is an objective measurement of work-related strengths. The other is a subjective evaluation of your personal style. TOGETHER they form a comprehensive assessment of your ideal work environment. Assessment is a series of "work samples" that measure and define a person's natural abilities.

This is not a "test" in the tradition sense of the word. Construction Executives are asked to do something in each work sample. How easily one completes a work sample defines how "naturally" the underlying aptitude comes to them. It is not enough to be aware of your natural abilities. It is also essential to know how those abilities are applied. Assessment is both the summary and the starting point for all further personal development plans.

One-to-One Assessment is the ultimate solution for evaluating construction leadership, and assessing new hires.

Online Executive Assessment

Improve your selection accuracy by leveraging the advancements made in the behavior sciences. Utilizing technology, Construction Executive Online offers cost effective, on-line assessment service requiring no administration, grading, or annual fees.

Online Executive Assessment is an on-line, comprehensive battery of tests designed for senior level construction decision-makers. It is completed online in 75 minutes or less and will instantly provide a profile of the executive. There is no administration time for you or your staff. The assessment is a thorough analysis which eliminates the need for expensive or time consuming outside psychological assessments and will provide profile graphics and supporting information on intelligence, knowledge of leadership skills, and a variety of leadership personality traits such as: energy level, adaptability to change, organizational ability, communication skills, emotional stability, assertiveness, mental toughness, questioning & probing skills, work motivation, leadership potential, sales potential, strategic thinking, team building potential, customer orientation & creativity.

Assessment results are available quickly and will include an executive summary with the probability prediction of an individual's potential to fit into your culture and bring well developed leadership skills to the job. In particular the results involve the following:

  1. Narrative Segment which briefly defines each aptitude and personality dimension and the numerical score obtained
  2. Graphical Analysis that allows employers to compare the individual's actual scores to the desirable core competency benchmarks for the job
  3. Leadership Analysis provides a valid sample of the aptitudes and traits found in successful leaders. The test results then compare a person's personal development against five elements of leadership: Planning, Organizing, Directing, Staffing, and Controlling
  4. Behaviorally Oriented Interview Questions are created from the personality scores of the individual. This tool aids the interviewer in further assessing the individual's suitability for the job and provides interview consistency across the organization
  5. Personal Development Suggestions are provided which include books to read, training classes to take, or ways to change personal behavior to be more effective
  6. Validation of services in accordance with federal standards, the assessment is non-discriminatory and complies with EEOC/Federal guidelines.

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